The Art of Vegan Confectionery: Crafting Our Unique Caramels


At Happy Hippy Haus, we are on a mission to bring you a confectionery experience that transcends the ordinary. Our venture into the world of caramels is a story of discovery, partnership, and a shared vision of wellness and joy. We didn't just want to offer any caramel; we sought a product that aligns with our values of health, inclusivity, and quality. This search led us to a remarkable company, artisans in their own right, with over five years of experience in crafting confectionery candies. Together, we embarked on a journey to create something truly special.


Crafting a Unique Confectionary Experience

Our caramels are not just sweets; they are a labor of love and research, designed to bring a unique blend of flavor and health benefits to your doorstep. Made with vegan ingredients, like coconut oil, these caramels are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring that each piece is wrapped with care and artistry. The commitment to quality and the artisanal process makes every caramel a small treasure, a treat that promises not only delight but also inclusivity.


The Power of CBD and Our Caramels

The hallmark of our caramels is the infusion of full-spectrum CBD isolate. This ingredient was chosen based on compelling research indicating its benefits in reducing anxiety, particularly in public speaking scenarios. Studies have shown that dosages of 200mg and 400mg of CBD were effective in mitigating the placebo effect, inspiring us to incorporate a potent 400mg dose of CBD isolate into each caramel. Our goal was to offer not just the world's strongest CBD product in one individual portion but also a delicious way to experience these benefits.


The Synergy of CBD and THC: A Balanced Blend

Recognizing the potential for an even more enhanced experience, we introduced the Delta-9 caramels for those desiring the synergistic effects of CBD and THC. This one-to-one ratio is crafted for the optimal balance, believed to amplify the therapeutic benefits of both cannabinoids. Whether you're seeking relief, relaxation, or a bit of both, our Delta-9 caramels are designed to offer a balanced and enjoyable experience.


Why Happy Hippy Haus Caramels?

Choosing Happy Hippy Haus caramels means embracing a product that stands at the intersection of wellness, quality, and ethical craftsmanship. Our collaboration with expert caramel makers has allowed us to bring a vision to life: caramels that are not only delicious but also contribute to your well-being. Every caramel from Happy Hippy Haus is a step towards a more joyful and healthier life.


We invite you to explore the unique qualities of our caramels, where every bite is a blend of artisanal care, wellness, and the pure joy of indulgence. Discover the difference with Happy Hippy Haus, where every caramel tells a story of partnership, innovation, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality and health.