Sam’s Path to a Healthier Self: The Happy Hippy Haus Way

Welcome to My World Howdy everyone! I’m Sam, and I started Happy Hippy Haus as a beacon for those looking to better their lives, just like I did. My real story begins in 2014, when everything changed. That year, I decided it was time to sort myself out...

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Beyond the Podium: The Influence of CBD on Public Speaking

Introduction In a world that feels more stressful by the day, finding new ways to handle anxiety is crucial. Social anxiety is a common issue, and many people are looking at natural solutions like CBD. This blog dives into recent studies and experiences shared by people using CBD...

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CBD vs. Prescription Drugs: A New Hope for Social Anxiety Sufferers

Introduction: Amongst the vast tapestry of modern healthcare and mental well-being discussions, a pivotal theme consistently emerges: the desperate search for treatments that not only work but are gentle on the mind and body. For the millions enduring the shackles of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), the journey often...

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Illuminating Pathways: CBD & THC-A's Role in Modern Mental Health Care

Introduction In a world increasingly opening its arms to the therapeutic potential of botanical remedies, two compounds are making waves for those grappling with mental health issues: CBD (cannabidiol) and THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). From the stigmatic shadows of cannabis, these non-psychoactive cannabinoids are emerging as potential powerhouses for...

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