How to Find the Best CBD Topicals for Your Needs

By Rachel Garland


Are you searching for the best CBD topicals for your needs?

Chances are, you already know topicals could help you.

Yet with so many options to choose from…

How do you know what choice is right for you?

Unless you want to go through trial and error, all while spending money on products that might not even work...

We offer a simpler and far more effective approach:

Keep reading to learn what you need to know when it comes to finding the best topicals. 

What are CBD Topicals?

First things first, what are CBD topicals?

Topicals are Cannabidiol infused lotions, oils, creams, or salves.

Simply apply them directly to troubled spots for localized relief. 

Unlike other methods of taking CBD, such as a tincture or gummy, topicals are absorbed through the skin, thereby helping your body experience the benefits of Cannabidiol externally. 


They are easy to take on the go and ideal for alleviating skin conditions while supporting a healthy glow. 

Could CBD Topicals Help You?

You might be wondering, what makes CBD topicals unique from other beauty products?

It’s all thanks to Cannabidiol!

Research shows that CBD offers a wide range of potential health benefits when it comes to your skincare routine. 

In fact, here is a quick list:

Perhaps even more exciting…

Our understanding of the potential health benefits of CBD is only growing!

That being said:

Not all Cannabidiol is created equally. 

3 Qualities of High Quality Topicals

In order to experience the full range of potential health benefits this amazing cannabinoid has to offer, it’s important to use high quality CBD topicals.

Although many products advertise themselves as the “premium” choice…

That is not always the case.

Here are three key things to consider before buying CBD topicals.

1.) Pure CBD

Where does the CBD you’re using come from?

This may sound simple but it can have a BIG impact! 

Reputable brands clearly display the source of their Cannabidiol.

In addition, they also indicate whether it is CBD isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum.

Be sure to identify this information before buying topicals, online or off. 

Did we mention our exclusive line of Happy Hippy Haus hemp products are made in the USA?

2.) Natural Ingredients

Another key feature to consider when comparing CBD skincare products are the ingredients. 

Cannabidiol is a completely natural substance. 


The extra additives, synthetics, or parabens in some topicals are not.

Make sure you know what you’re actually putting on your skin.

High quality CBD topicals are ONLY made with real, natural ingredients.

If you cannot pronounce it or even read it, chances are, you do not need it on your skin. 

3.) Third-Party Testing

Don’t just take a company’s word for how amazing their products are, ALWAYS check for third-party testing.

Real CBD companies with genuine products will happily provide lab results.

This is the best way to determine the quality of CBD you’re consuming.

Every product in our Happy Hippy Haus line is lab tested.

As a matter of fact:

Our Na’sNa’s No-No Healing CBD Salve is not only third-party lab tested for superior quality, it’s also made with an old family recipe using all-natural ingredients.

A commitment to helping you live a healthier and more natural life…

We hope this gives you a better idea of how to find the best CBD topicals for your needs. 

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