Beyond the Podium: The Influence of CBD on Public Speaking


In a world that feels more stressful by the day, finding new ways to handle anxiety is crucial. Social anxiety is a common issue, and many people are looking at natural solutions like CBD. This blog dives into recent studies and experiences shared by people using CBD to see if it really can help with social anxiety and public speaking. At Happy Hippy Haus, we are here to guide you on finding the right CBD dosage based on your health goals. Come by and chat with us!


Section 1: What’s the Buzz Around CBD?

CBD comes from hemp and is known for its calming effects, without making you feel “high” or causing many side effects. Thanks to new laws, you can now find CBD products almost everywhere in the US. People using CBD have shared tons of stories about how it helps them relax and feel less anxious, which has sparked more interest and research into its benefits.


Section 2: Social Anxiety – More Than Just Shyness

Social anxiety is more than just feeling shy; it’s a serious issue where people feel extremely nervous and scared in social situations. It can happen for many reasons, including past traumas or just how someone’s brain is wired. People with social anxiety often feel overwhelmed, and it can be really tough for them to interact with others. Traditional medicines can sometimes help but not always, which is why people are exploring options like CBD.


Section 3: Studies Show Promise for CBD

While there weren’t many new studies on CBD and social anxiety for a while, things picked up in 2019. One important study showed that taking 300 mg of CBD helped men feel less anxious when speaking in public. This study suggests that CBD might be helpful for social anxiety and that there’s a specific amount that might work best.


Section 4: What Are People Saying?

With more people trying CBD for social anxiety, we’re hearing a lot about how it makes them feel more relaxed and confident. These personal stories give us clues about why CBD is becoming a popular choice for dealing with different types of anxiety.


Section 5: Different Ways to Try CBD

While the studies we have mostly look at taking CBD orally, people are finding that other forms of CBD, like oils, gummies, and capsules, also help with social anxiety. This means that people have the freedom to try out different CBD products and see what works best for them.


Section 6: Navigating CBD Dosage for Anxiety

Determining the appropriate CBD dosage for anxiety is vital. Experts advise starting with a modest dose and adjusting based on your body's response. Both high and low doses have shown efficacy, emphasizing the importance of individualized dosing. At Happy Hippy Haus, we are committed to helping you find the right dosage to meet your health goals. Come by and chat with us!



The exploration of CBD’s potential in managing social anxiety is promising. The combination of scientific studies, personal testimonials, and the versatility in dosage and forms position CBD as an intriguing option for mental well-being. With ongoing research and guidance from places like Happy Hippy Haus, we are advancing towards fully understanding CBD's capabilities in creating a more serene and less anxious society.